HongCe Profile
HongCe Profile

H&H features a prime strategic location in Guangzhou, China.The company is the result of a syngestic combination of GUANGZHOU HONGCE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD & HJ AUTOMATIC CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Since 2003, we have been dedicated to providing production line testing systems and automated machinery, laboratory testing equipment. The company's core technologies encompass vacuum technology, testing technology and automation control technology. Our technical team leader is an expert in leak detection, his more than 2 decades of experience in the fields of vacuum, fluid and leak detection, are a great asset to our firm. Our technical team is comprised of well-experienced engineers and technicians.

In addition to numerous utility model and invention patents we've earned, our company is one of the "Little Giant of Technology" and high-tech enterprises. HongCe currently owns a 1,500m2 production workshop, six assembly lines and one metalworking workshop. These advanced facilities efficiently produce a wide variety of instruments and accessories.
Focusing upon the philosophy of "quality first", HongCe implements a very strict quality control system. Every component of our products is sorted and tested rigorously. This will ensure all finished products pass the third-party ISO 17025 accredited lab test.

From sales to technical and after-sales support, our team of experienced professionals is always available to respond to your needs within 24 hours. At HongCe we are focused on manufacturing quality products that provide peace of mind and worry free operation for our customers. Trust us as your most reliable, high quality partner.

Conveniently headquartered in Guangzhou City in China, HongCe has been focused on R&D and production of both laboratory testing equipment and production line testing systems for more than a decade. Aside from 1,500m2 manufacturing facilities, we also pride ourselves on providing highly competitive, technological innovation capabilities.

The HongCe range of laboratory facilities is compliant with numerous standards, such as GB, IEC, EN, UL, VDE, BS, AS, ISO, etc. To date, we have served thousands of labs, test institutes, manufacturers and other organizations with our comprehensive range of test instruments, production line equipment and solutions. Owing to our quality products and whole-hearted services, we have earned trust from our wide range of customers.

Our group, H&H, is the result of a synergistic combination of GUANGZHOU HONGCE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD & HJ AUTOMATIC CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

General Manager's Office
The general manager JianHe Li graduated from Tsinghua University. As an expert in vacuum and leak detection technology, he has acquired more than 10 technology-related patents.

Work Environment
The company owns a professional sales team and a skilled technical team. The pair collaborates with each other, thus making our products spread all over the country.

Our corporate culture is displayed on the wall.

Weekly Technical Meeting